eView – a New way of working with CRM 2011

For the past 3 months we have been busily working on the first release of eView for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

So you may ask why change the way it works, why bother.  The answer is really straight forward, we love CRM, and CRM 2011 has re invigorated my use and need for this system in small, medium and enterprise business, but there are too many screens.  This is my opinion, I seem to be always opening and clicking and with 2011 there has be a move with the add tab on the ribbon, but we wanted more.

So eView was born on a white board here in the office and as a team we um’d and argued about the functionality.  In a nut shell we wanted a single screen at record and workspace level that could search, display pinned records, display activities for a highlighted record and display notes for the same record.  We wanted a hierarchical view of related records so you could get a 360 degree view of the customer’s record you were working with 


Above is the first draft release of the eView screen under workspace in CRM 2011, and the team and I think we have got most basses covered.

Obviously you can open and edit records from this screen, but on the final release you will have the option to right click and add related records at each level, you can also Add / Edit notes and activities in the related activity or notes window.

By selecting a record in the hierarchy view you will have the option to right click and select from a menu that allows you to add a related record, so on an Opportunity you could add Quote, Orders invoice, on an Account you could add contacts, sub accounts, opportunities, quotes.

With eView our aim is to deliver a CRM working experience from a single page, and if you drill down to the Account, Contact or Lead you can see a summary view for that record from here



eView is also fully configurable from the point of which entities are displayed down to which end user can see which view,  the configuration page enables views to be created for

  1. Everyone
  2. User
  3. Role
  4. Team

And in the same way the security roles work in CRM you can have multiple configurations that build up your individual view.

As an example I may have the everyone view that gives me Account, Contacts, but I may have an additional configuration as I am the purchasing manager and this is based on a CRM role




We are now moving rapidly towards our release candidate at the end of November  and although there is still plenty to do to finesse for the final release, I’d be interested in hearing comments from anyone who works with or implements CRM2011 to hear if this is a valuable solution or not

For many years now in the CRM market space there has been talk of the 360 Degree view of the customer, discussion about bringing all customer data together in a single view, so this is the MyCRM offering, hope you like it

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