eSpell – Integrated Spell Checking for Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011

A number of customers I have recently been working with have come to the same conclusion or asked the same question, “How can I check the spelling in the notes or more importantly emails that I send from within CRM 2011”

I did the usual searches and only found a single solution for CRM 4.0 and then came to the conclusion that maybe this was a product or extension that was needed in the market, obviously I had scoured the market place and maybe the development community just assumed this would be in the core product.

Anyway cutting the story short the team here set about designing and building a solution that not only met the above requirement but went further to check fields on the individual form and then used multiple languages, further more we tested everything with Microsoft CRM Online, so we know it works with all deployment models.


The solution currently supports 8 language dictionaries which are easy for an end user to swap and download, the solution is built as a Silverlight component so deployment is straight forward.

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