CRM 2011 now even better with added BING


One of the things we have toyed with for a little while is creating map integrations for CRM 2011 and after some recent conversation with the Microsoft Bing Team we have an approach to move forward on and to give an integrated experience with content and Maps.

A couple of the features we wanted to include in CRM 2011 were

In CRM 2011

Phase 1

On the left navigation you will have an eMap Icon this will present a Map, that will show all active Account, Contacts and Leads.

1. From the map you can navigate to open any of the displayed CRM records 

2. You can use the search capability to find areas and related CRM Records i.e. Search ABC company


3. You can select to use Advanced find for supported record types and display the returned search criteria on the Map  

4. You can draw an area on the map and create marketing list or export to Excel 

On each contact, lead or account record

1. A map is added to each of the above record types

2. Additional GEO data is added to the individual record

3. Driving instructions are available from a post code you enter to the contact record along either estimated travel time

4. Additional views for birds eye view and street level will be incorporated


Additional features have also been implemented and are currently in design to see if they make the first version or if these are to be included in the second product development phase.

Remember that integrating Microsoft Bing into a line of business application requires user licences and this is not a free integration, eMAP will be fully licenced with built in Microsoft End user licences for Bing Maps.

If you would like more information please email or register with the MyCRM Download centre