Making User management easy in Microsoft CRM 2011

A number of our larger hosted and on-premise customers all seem to report the same problem in that they are not able to manage CRM user information effectively.   In many cases the CRM administrator from the organisation has had to remote into end users laptops or desktop to change personal settings and this increases the work load of many System administrators.

We took the suggestions made and created a wish list with the intention of creating a better user administration experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Our goal was to enable System administrator to have extended user settings for CRM and expose additional features that have been excluded from the standard Microsoft CRM admin area.


Introducing eUser – Extended User Settings

eUser from MyCRM Extended is an extended solution for User Management and administration of end system users which becomes a valuable add-on post a hand full of CRM users.

There are two main features sets with the new functionality and these are extended end-user settings and bulk end user settings

First we take a look at some of the end user extended record settings.  
As you can see from the screen shot below we have exposed a number of the options that end users can select for themselves so that an administrator can set these when adding a user account

The General tab shows how to set among other things dates and currency for the end user



If we now take a look at the extended activities tab you can see that extra setting have been created to allow an administrator to day and times



On the final extended user tab you can see a number of exposed features under formats, Email and Privacy



These final settings will enable administrators to set language, tracking and error responses.

We now go on to look at the new bulk setting features of the new user setting solution.

Introducing eUser – Extended Bulk Settings

In this part of the solution we show the new features for bulk setting user permission in CRM 2011
Here an administrator can bulk set how many records a user sees by default, the advanced find mode, the default tab and default pane for selected users. 

On the email tab as before the administrator can see options around email setting for the selected users.


The advanced find has also been configured to easily add selected users across the enterprise, so that an administrator can change setting on bulk





The new eUser module will be released via the download centre in March 2012 and will have a full 14 day trial.

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