MyCRM Product Release for Q2 – 2012 Update (eMAP)

We are working towards the release of a number of New products for early Q2 (April) for Microsoft CRM 2011.  The first of which is the eagerly awaited subscription product that enables the collaboration of Microsoft CRM 2011 with Bing Search and Bing Maps.

The integrated GIS solution for Microsoft CRM 2011 will be named eMap  and be MyCRM’s first monthly per user subscription product.  The eMap solution will bring together  key Microsoft technologies and deliver a range of new functionality directly within Microsoft CRM, included in the first release will be

Workplace View:

- Generate Geocode information from Accounts, Leads, Contacts addresses
- Display Accounts, Leads Contacts on map
- Quick filter displayed Accounts, Leads Contacts by name
- Advanced find (single entity type) and display on map
- Draw a box around entities on map and add to marketing list (for a single entity type)
- Calculate a route and display entities along that route, with a set diversion distance
- Business search at current map location (Bing search)

Display map on Account, Lead, Contact forms:

- Set location manually by placing pin in the map (updates latitude and longitude on the entity)
- Get driving locations to entity address (from a searched start point ie. postcode)
- Find nearby businesses (Bing search)
- Display other entities near this entity

In the future/for release!

- Any entity support
- Configure which address fields eMap uses per entity
- New interface for both map displays, and for the configuration page
- Export box-selected entities to Excel
- Create a detailed multi-customer driving route complete with appointment scheduling based on travel times and meeting lengths
- Real-time map updating
- Metric/imperial settings

If at this time you require more information about  the pending release of eMap for Microsoft CRM 2011 please email or register with the download centre for future updates