Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 with Custom Workflow plugins

Since the release on Microsoft CRM 2011 and the release of the Microsoft Online platform we have had many prospects and customers come and ask the same question and that is

Oh can I do that in Workflow?

To date the answer has been you can if your deployment is on-premise but not if you’re online, which usually starts of a conversation with the words “Are You Sure” and the “Sales Person told us it was exactly the same software”
So to clear that initial question or statement “Yes it is the same code build or same software” but and there is always a but, till now or until R8 is released you have not been able to run what are “Sandboxed” custom workflow plugins within CRM online.
Enter R8, R8 has many changes and support for different things but one little snippet we really liked was:-

With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 service update, developers can build custom .NET Workflow activity assemblies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. These custom assemblies can be developed and deployed as part of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution package. Once a custom workflow activity has been deployed, it can then be utilized within the workflow engine for business process management. These new capabilities ensure parity in the developer experience between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and on-premises. It also empowers organizations to bring external data, custom actions and integrations into their standard CRM business processes."

This means you will be able to run custom workflow plugins as part of a solution.  This really does bring in line the capability and functionality of CRM 2011 regardless of deployment type.
So why the blog post, well as expected we are now seeing customers come to us with requests for custom workflow plugins and to be honest we could build this on a one by one basis or a bespoke basis, but we have opted to release our full library of workflow extensions for CRM 2011.

eWorkflow like all our other products and services starts with a download licenced install of a CRM2011 solution, once deployed you can start building extended workflows with the following additional functionality

Marketing List Subscribe (/unsubscribe)
Marketing List Remove (all)
Get Last Campaign For Member
Get Last Campaign Response For Member

Get Total Value Of Opportunities
Get Total Value Of Quotes
Get Total Value Of Invoices
Get Total Value Of Orders

General Functions
Equation Solver
Basic Math
Convert Value
Add Business Days To Date
Add To Date
Parse Date From String
Subtract Business Days From Date
Subtract From Date
Regex String Format
Regex Match
Regex Replace
Regex Return Match
Capitalize String
Pad String
Remove Whitespace
URL Decode
URL Encode

See all the new Workflow Helpers 

So as you can see from the list above we have introduced a number of additional functions that can be used in CRM2011 but more importantly these are tested and supported to use straight from install.

We anticipate that on release there may be other functions that get added, but this includes the first release.

The eWorkflow Helper Library will ship with a number of tested workflow functions for #CRM2011 for both on-premise or hosted either online or partner hosted and can add a new level of automation to the implementation of CRM.

You can register for a free download account with MyCRM at http://downloads.mycrmgroup.com/

Or email sales@mycrmgroup.com