Mobile devices and Social Media offer great potential for CRM to be Street and Customer Smart

We have recently found an interesting new article from Destination CRM which has focused on the obvious potential that modern mobile devices now offer to small and medium-sized companies in terms of operating their customer relationship management system.

The article detailed three main areas in which Tablet PC’s like the Microsoft Surface, the Apple iPad, mobiles and other hand-held units could aid the CRM process.

The first was the focus on marketing.  Mobile devices offer brands the opportunity to create great mobile content such as apps for games for users to access, leading to the potential for the brand being in "top of the mind recall" of the customer, and also providing the opportunity for personalised B2C communications to be made to the user.

The second area that the article focused on was sales.  Effective enterprises are able to access mobile and tablet browser friendly web-sites, so that all e-commerce transactions can be easily carried out through the devices.  Again, an opportunity is provided for customers to access the brand products where one previously did not exist, which can only be a positive.

Finally (and most suitably), mobile devices also allow for an unprecedented level of customer service.  Using their mobile device, customers now have the potential to make requests, ask about products or services, obtain advice about a product or service they have already purchased and then offer feedback on the brand in general.  This essentially allows even the smallest firms to provide services to a large customer base all through mobile devices, allowing for a personalised, 24/7 style of customer service.

New technologies and media channels can only enhance the delivery of customer service and organisations like Argos in the UK and even some energy companies are turning to Facebook and twitter to enhance customer service. From my own experience of dealing with Argos on Facebook, where initially I had started to complain, they dealt with my complaint efficiently and with recourse regarding a product that had been purchased from a store.

With a growing mobile workforce and our work patens changing, it is now even more important to place your customers at the centre of your business activity. Working with a provider like MyCRM can help you get started, and will help you understand the new technological age where just having a Customer database is no longer enough.

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MyCRM has over 20 years’ experience in understanding how CRM as a technology and CRM as a business process can work in business.  We have implement and advised on the use of social media in all areas including sales, marketing and customer service and can help small to medium organisation enhance business opportunities through these different channels through experience.

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