Microsoft begins the roll out of CRM Online 2013

Tech giant Microsoft has begun the roll out of the much anticipated next release of Dynamics CRM to its own CRM Online platform, with trials now being available for partners and customers, and with upgrades happening over the next quarter.

It is planning to deliver its Windows 8/iPad client compliments for the service during the next few weeks, along with on premise and partner hosted releases of the software.

The staged rollout for Dynamics CRM Online 2013, which has been codenamed "Orion", and first went live last week in the datacentres in the Asia Pacific region.  On or after October 7, it is being put live in the UK.  Finally, it will go live in the Americas within the next week or so.

The on premise compliment of the CRM 2013 software is not yet available as (GA) general release, with a blog post on the Microsoft site indicating that it will come later this month.  The full release is anticipate for the end of October and as a managed service provider MyCRM are working to not only deliver this new release but up lift and make fully compatible its full product extension range for CRM.

The iPad and Windows 8 companion apps have not yet been released with information indicating that they will become available around the same time as the on premise version. 

Microsoft recently released a substantial 19-page "Release Preview Guide" for the upcoming stream of releases based around customer relationship management which can be viewed here

Following on from this major release of the software, Microsoft's team are also planning to deliver a further two updates, named "Leo" and then "Vega", with the former expected to drop support for Classic Forms and then add support for both Android smartphones and iPhones.  

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With the growing use of online services in business and the demand for Cost affective fully managed offering MyCRM will be releasing its role out strategy from December 2013 and will start to upgrade customers from February 2014.

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