RFU Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM as part of IBM Project, but can Small Clubs benefit from the Same Technology?

The benefits of CRM have been given an obvious boost this week. The UK Rugby Football Union has announced that it is to introduce the new Microsoft CRM software in order to better understand and to make better use of its data.

The aim for the Union is to try and improve its engagement with both fans and players of the sport by making use of the information they have as well as trying to obtain more of it.

The RFU is the main governing body for English Rugby Union and currently employs over 500 people in order to help develop the sport at both a national and a youth level.  The organisation currently has an annual turnover of around £116 million.

The CRM service will be created as part of an ongoing deal that the Union has with IBM and the software used will be the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management platform.  It will be integrated onto the RFU website.

Nick Shaw, head of digital for the union, said: "We have so much data in different places, so we need to understand who are our customers are and what they are doing so that we can better inform them about where they can play rugby in their local area for example, rather than just firing messages at them sporadically."

The message is obvious. For small organisations and businesses, effectively managing CRM processes will enable them to make better use of their data and hopefully grow and improve engagement as a result.

Source: Computer World

I know from experience that maybe a number of smaller clubs will read this article and think: “that would be great, but we don’t have that sort of budget!”.

As an organisation MyCRM has had a number of opportunities to work with sports clubs in both Rugby and Football and currently sponsors an under 16’s team. 

Working with organisations like Salford City Reds http://www.thereddevils.net/ over the past 4 years we have had the opportunity to advise and help with the delivery of email and SMS marketing while keeping player, membership and sponsorship data directly in a hosted CRM solution using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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