Mobiles: a perfect addition to a Microsoft CRM strategy

A new piece in Business 2 Community has highlighted the importance of mobile devices in implementing an effective CRM strategy.  What details, though, should you include as part of the mobile application?  What makes an app valuable and useful?

Complete insight into planning

Whenever you're carrying out the work of actually implementing your customer relationship management strategy, one of the most important things to be able to access is the original planning documentation.  How many customers or leads are you planning to communicate with?  How are we going to engage with them?  What topics do we think should be discussed?  Having access to the original planning documents on your mobile device will mean that you can stick to the agenda wherever you are.

Unique access to the system itself

Ideally, anyone working with CRM software should look to be able to make decisions whilst out on the road.  Ideally, this means that the mobile device should be able to access almost all of the same features that the main software does.  The app should be able to access information on customer data, potential sales opportunities and any tenders that are still in play.  Any other relevant information should also be accessible.

Individual profile access

There are a variety of different roles involved in the CRM process, with everyone from project managers to IT technicians playing their part.  Ideally, then, you should be looking to have a different login 'area' for each user that contains all of the data relevant to their specific role.  This can be a real time and money saver.

Source: Business 2 Community

This is an interesting article and quite timely as the new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 RTM has had definite consideration given to the new way or mobile way of working.  Since the release of the first smart phones and tablets new work patterns have emerged and consumption of data from business and social systems has emerged. 

With its brand new fluid way of working Microsoft Dynamics is even easier to use on a range of devices, and Microsoft have gone a step further with apps for both the iPad and Windows 8 Tablets.

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