More to good CRM than just software!

CRM software has been developed to a high standard over the years and it is mostly considered to be very efficient. However, according to enterpriseAPPStoday, this might not be enough to make sure that there is a good customer experience.


The article highlights that only 65 of the Fortune 500 companies in the US in 1955 have survived to the present day, demonstrating the importance of being able to adapt quickly to changes in the market and ensuring that their service is still relevant to their customers.


The use of Customer Relationship Management software has helped companies of all shapes and sizes to adapt to the needs of their customers, but CRM also needs to take into consideration marketing and customer service as well as any issues within the workforce.  Research has shown that large numbers of companies do not have an engaged workforce, yet this is essential for a good customer experience.


Research house Ovum, has highlighted software such as Microsoft Dynamics as one of the market leaders in CRM software, but using this is just one step towards meeting client needs.  Ovum has recommended that customers look at adapting their approach each year to ensure that they keep pace with changes in the market.  Companies need to look at leadership, workforce engagement, innovation, collaboration and process integration among other things in order to keep the service strong and fresh.  This is in addition to any CRM software being used.


However, CRM software is still highly relevant to our business climate.  As a central registry of customer information it is essential to the functioning of any business.      


There are many stories of good and bad implementations of CRM; from where the software ends up being just a glorified address and contact book, to the hugely successful implementations where the solution is in every touch point in the business.


But it is clearly pointed out in this article that CRM implementation and good CRM is more than just adapting some software.  In fact it is about every person in the organisation understanding the custom vision and process i.e. being engaged.


MyCRM as a managed solution provider has had years of experience of advising and helping organisations benefit and improve customer engagement. We can provide not only the software but additional tools and marketing knowledge to help organisations grow and expand.


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