Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Apps in an App Store near you

It has been announced that Redmond has rolled out the new tablet app for Microsoft Dynamics.  The app can now be downloaded from both the Apple app store and the Windows store.

The main Dynamics CRM software (RTM) set was released earlier this month. It has received good reviews from those who've used it, and the hype for the tablet app has continued amongst those who downloaded the software.

The app itself promises to involve the user in all of the main activities from the main software itself.  It's easy for users to access their current activities, view their accounts, and look at current open leads and opportunities as well as viewing their contact books.

Interestingly, the app also possesses the ability to access key performance indicators, with all of the necessary charts and data available for viewing through the customisable start screen and app dashboard.

Bob Stutz, the corporate vice president of Dynamics CRM, said that the solution marked a 'turning point' in the industry, and invited anyone unsure about the software to give it a free trial.  He was also keen to obtain feedback: “We want to hear from you. Please let us know what you think of this product, either here in the comments, or on Twitter at #CRM2013,” Mr Stutz said.

“Over the next few weeks on the lead up to our Global Premiere Event -- a virtual event where we will feature stories of customers using this new release to deliver exceptional customer experiences -- we are going to kick-off a blog series to examine the state of the market. "

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Source: CIO-Today

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