How can social technology and awareness benefit CRM?

Ensuring the implementation of an effective CRM system remains extremely important for any business looking to achieve increased sales and customer engagement.  An interesting new article from Destination CRM has also highlighted the value of exploring customer relationship management within social media and some of the benefits that this can have.

Target prospects

One of the key ways that CRM systems can benefit from effective social media use is that it offers an outstanding way in which to find potential new prospects.  A company can easily monitor discussions and analyse trends to find out which people are discussing areas relevant to their brand and can use this targeted data to reach out to these potential new customers.

'Surprise and delight' customers

Another key benefit of effective social media is to use the networks to 'surprise and delight' customers.  A great example came when Morton's steakhouse received a tweet from a customer asking if he could be greeted at Newark airport with a porterhouse steak.  He was subsequently amazed when the company did exactly that, winning themselves a loyal customer for life, as well as some outstanding PR and word-of-mouth promotion.

Rewarding loyal influentials

Another key way to take advantage of social media CRM is that it offers a company the chance to reach out and talk to their most influential customers.  For instance, if a popular blogger felt moved to review and praise a product of the firm, the company could use social media to actually get in touch with the blogger and further build the relationship, providing a real opportunity for further promotion

Later this week I will be posting more on Social CRM with the considerations that can be given and things to think about but this article gives a great starting point on how CRM and Social CRM are one in the same and the principal of extending your organisations reach to enable social interaction will lead to higher customer satisfaction and business qualification.

By default Microsoft Dynamics CRM current has internal social ability with the integration of the Microsoft Owned Yammer but here at MyCRM we are working towards new integration of Social Media for day to day activity like sales, marketing and support.

Source: Destination CRM

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