More free apps as Microsoft roll out CRM smartphone apps

Microsoft has revealed that they will be rolling out the companion smart-phone apps to their Dynamics CRM system within the next 30 days.  The apps will be compatible with the iPhone, Android and Windows handsets.

Earlier this month, the company released the companion apps for tablet devices to a reasonably good reception and many users are now keen to get their hands on the mobile versions as well.

Like their bigger tablet brothers, the mobile Dynamic CRM apps will be completely free.

Interestingly, the company also announced on October 21st that they would be partnering with InsideView Inc to integrate that company's Social Insights offering directly into the Microsoft CRM Online and on-premises releases. 

The new social marketing integration will populate Microsoft's CRM system with genuine real-time information from around 30,000 sources, and will be available at no extra cost to the Dynamics CRM Online customers based in the US (if they possess professional licenses).  The global rollout for Social Insights Technology is expected to arrive later in 2014 according to executives at Microsoft.

The Dynamics 2013 software, which was codenamed "Orion", was the first major update to Microsoft's CRM platform since their release in 2011.  It currently boasts integration with Yammer, Lync and Skype, and a touch-centric user interface with improved performance, in addition to several other updates.  The tablet and smart-phone addition Apps were promised at the time of the initial release date on October 8th.

The new range of apps have been long awaited s this was one of the items required with CRM 2011 that never progressed well and was left to 3rd party suppliers.

The great advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that the solution is full extendable and there are number of well know platform extenders including MyCRM that have a ranges of current products available for Microsoft CRM 2011 and Microsoft CRM 2013.

Source: ZDnet

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