Microsoft complete switch on of Dynamics CRM 2013 - Online

Microsoft has now completed its staggered rollout of the cloud-enabled CRM management suite, keeping to the release timetable that it first released back in July. 

Dynamics CRM 2013 is now fully available worldwide.  As well as the software itself, it is now possible for users to access the accompanying applications on their tablet devices and make use of the cloud.  The relevant smart-phone apps will also be released this month.

Simon Hutson, who represents the Microsoft Dynamics Sales team, revealed in a new blog-post that Dynamics CRM 2013 "is now live in our EMEA [Europe, Middle East and Africa] data-centers. (APAC [Asia-Pacific] data-centers went live last week, and the Americas will go live later this week.)" Overall, it is believed that the software is now available in 42 different global markets.  The on-premises and partner-hosted deployments will become available on October 31st.

Bob Stutz, the corporate vice president for the project, said that it "delivers on this promise of customer centricity by bringing together Microsoft technologies in a way that helps businesses and organizations better engage and nurture their customers."

A key aspect of the software is the tighter integration with the Yammer enterprise social networking platform that functions alongside communications to both Lync and Skype.

The software has already announced a number of mobile-friendly benefits to the software that includes configurable templates for specific industries.  The software has been described as a "new people-first design" that focuses specifically on customer information and interactions.  New guided workflows are also noted as being perfect for increasing win rates and shorter sales cycles.

Source: E-Week

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