Report sheds positive light on CRM sector and growing need for Strong Customer Relationships

A new report from the US has indicated that CRM is becoming more and more popular, with the industry expected to reach around $28.8bn by 2018, with more and more enterprise-level focus on customer-centric business operations.

A variety of factors has been contributing to the ongoing growth of the industry.  Some of the main sources cited are the different social media platforms such as user forums, web communities and the various social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Essentially, there is a whole new world to explore in terms of handling customer relationships. 

As well as providing a medium for exchanging messages and files, social provides customers with an ideal medium on which to voice their opinion about a company. 

Cloud based SaaS systems are another positive reason noted as being behind the growth.  On-demand cloud based software allows enterprises to increasingly opt for hybrid solutions, allowing them to combine the internet-based capabilities with their own in-house deployments.  Cloud based technology has led to a decrease in costs and a faster and easier implementation.  It also means a decrease in upfront capital expenditure.

On-premise CRM systems currently represent the largest product segment in the market overall, according to the report, with SaaS software demonstrating the fastest growth.  Currently, the United States remains the largest regional market but that tends to be the case with a lot of technological advancement.  More industries have also been keen to adopt the technology with academia, healthcare, energy and utilities all beginning to increase their use of the software.

Source: PR Web

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