Customers want more personalisation from businesses

A new survey has shed light onto the attitude of modern consumers which highlights an interesting trend, revealing that despite concerns regarding the safety of their private information, many of them still want to receive more personalised data from businesses.

This is usually found in the information that is sent to individual consumers. Organisations that used tailored marketing via email or web usually scored better with loyal customers.

The SAS study showed that 71% of the 1,260 people surveyed did have some concerns regarding the recent revelations of data observation. 60% still expected businesses to be aware of their preferences and to understand their needs. 59% noted that they felt there had been an improvement in personalised communications by companies during the last five years.

The results indicate that any firms involved in the customer relationship management (CRM) process should be focusing on meeting the individual needs of their customers where they can.

Obviously CRM can be defined as so much more than just storing data about customers and prospects. Personalised communication can help target interest into services provided.  Extension tools like eCampaign from MyCRM ( can help drive targeted emails with related personal data and enable organisations to use their Microsoft Dynamics CRM toolset to filter and hone datasets so that they are relevant.

Respondents with incomes of over $100,000 (£65,000) were more likely to expect businesses to understand them and the same expectations were found with the under-30 demographic.  Personalisation was also expected by those with higher salaries.  Those who earned more seemed to indicate that they would be less understanding if they were to receive irrelevant messages from businesses.

The survey also highlighted the fact that two particular industries were considered to be trailing behind the others in terms of customer understanding.  Airlines and hospitality were the two sectors that customers seemed to think were not pulling their weight in terms of customer relationship management.  This is interesting, as the amount of data that companies in this sector can obtain through loyalty cards, review sites and the like should enable them to out-perform those in other industries.

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