Can CRM benefit higher education and what are the parallels with business?

A new piece in the Financial Post has highlighted the potential that CRM could bring to the higher education sector.  Interestingly, research has already indicated that institutions could gain a 42% increase in revenue by making use of an effective customer relationship management process piece Four key requirements for a CRM system were explored:

Complete tracking of students

A successful CRM system in the higher education sector would need to build a detailed profile of each student's interests, including their preferences and their purchase intent, not to mention their academic financial and communication history.  Essentially, this has the same aim as a business profile which is to better understand the person in question.

Seamless integration

CRM software should be seamlessly integrated into the campus's computer networks.  A unified data set is believed to increase lead conversion by more than 12%, which is a useful statistic in any sector!

Enabling effective segmentation of the population

Essentially, the system should be able to identify which students fit into which demographics and to be able to send targeted e-mails as a result.  Again, this mirrors the ability of a SME CRM system by being able to identity different types of customer.

Automated workflows

Just as with a small company, a higher education CRM system should be able to notify the right people at the right time.  If, for instance, an institution is able to answer a student's enquiry first, they will increase their conversion rate by up to 238%.

Source: Financial Post

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