Implementing CRM - Key Questions for your CRM Provider

A new piece in Business 2 Community has explored some of the key questions that a company should ask any CRM service provider that they're considering working with.  We're completely in favour of firms working with only the best companies, so we're going to explore each point:


Do they have a mobile friendly approach?


In the modern business world, the ability to be mobile is essential.  How many executives are genuinely sat at their desk for eight hours a day?  Virtually none, and yet some CRM services aren't accounting for the ability to explore data on the move.  Any CRM system you invest in should be useable on the road.


With the recent release of Microsoft CRM 2013 the consideration for mobile access from different devices has been addressed.


How easy are they to use?


One of the keys to implementing a successful CRM system is to ensure that all the staff who are going to be using it are happy with the usability of the system. CRM systems are intended to increase profits, and it's therefore vital to ensure that any software you adopt is going to be easy and pleasant to use.


The key component to Microsoft CRM is its integration with Outlook as a straightforward extension or with its easy to use UI from a popular web browser.


How long will implementation be?


As with any new system, implementation time is key: no one wants to spend eight months implementing anything!  Ensure that any CRM company you work with is able to implement their system quickly and efficiently.


And with Microsoft CRM as a service provided by MyCRM you can have a basic system up and running in a few days with initial training given.


How can the data be used?


You're investing in CRM because it will provide you with valuable data.  Therefore, it's important to make sure that the system offers you the data you need.  If you're focused on sales forecasts, or sales funnel analysis, then ensure the software provides the relevant information.


Working with a provider like MyCRM will help you focus on what is important, don’t let the CRM become a repository but a tool that can be used for developing and generating new business, for example combine the powerful email marketing solution eCampaign with CRM and for a nominal fee you can generated new business with tracked emails.


Source: Business 2 Community


MyCRM aim to help deliver effective CRM and you can see here what our current customers say but more importantly we want your business to succeed with the use of a great software solution.


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