Effective CRM and Mobile Apps can help end poor customer service

An interesting new article in Business 2 Community has highlighted that in the mobile age, effective customer service remains the key to achieving positive CRM results.

With 90% of UK shoppers saying that they would walk away from a sale if they encountered poor customer service, it is important that no avenue of a brand is left behind.  The article voices the fact that mobile CRM is the ideal way to achieve this.

A mobile CRM should be used to determine information under two umbrellas. This would be the information the customer actually wants to access on their mobile and also how they want to engage with it.

The article then highlights the value of both simplicity and ease of access in terms of the software that the customers utilise.  Customers need to be able to access what they need quickly and easily.

The value of social media - something we have highlighted previously - is also noted.  Research indicates that 85% of online complaints last year were actually ignored, despite almost half of the cases expecting some form of response.  With the mobile and web markets growing each and every year, it remains vital for firms to invest in order to both obtain more valuable data on their customers, as well as to help build genuine relationships with them.

Essentially, the piece highlights the overall value that CRM can offer any firm.  Effective customer relationship management software can be used to collect data from all of the main communication channels and can store it within one main interface to be used accordingly.

Source: Business 2 Community 

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