Questions to ask before investing in your next CRM system

A CRM system can have a number of positive impacts on almost any company.  However, it is important that before a system is invested in, certain key questions are asked of it:

Is it easy to use onboard?

It is important to make sure that one, intuitive cross-referencing tool is used in order to allow that offline customer data is used in order to increase the online audience.  This should be do-able in an immediate, genuinely actionable way.

How compatible is the system?

It is important for a CRM system to be able to link up effectively with other data and tools.  Therefore, whatever particular apps a company considers essential, whether it is advertising click data or shopping cart information, it should be able to be linked in easily with the new software.

Can the audience data be segmented?

It is important to be able to edit the information gathered by the CRM software so that it can be broken down into a number of different attributes such as home values, product ownership, social profiles and overall consumer influence.  Customer Data is only valuable in the sense of its detail.

How effective is the reporting?

When sharing data with others in the company, it is important to be able to both analyse it and to be able to report it accurately. Effective CRM software should provide the ability to create customised reports on everything from the existing customer profiles to prospect lists.

Is there a proven success rate?

It is important that CRM software (and indeed any software) be able to demonstrate proven effectiveness in previous cases.  What verticals has the software been used in and what results did it achieve?

Source: Adotas

The answers from MyCRM would be Yes, Very, Yes, Very and Yes as Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most versatile and flexible solutions for both online and on premise deployments. Here at MyCRM we aim to help organisations benefit from the role out of a CRM system and not just host it so if you are considering implementation even in a small way then just let us know.

MyCRM aim to help deliver effective CRM and you can see here what our current customers say but more importantly we want your business to succeed with the use of a great software solution.


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