Using Maps to find your way in CRM 2016 / 365! - EMAP for #CRM #MSDYNCRM #MSDYN365 RELEASED

 With the recent release of CRM online and the release for on premise, you can’t help notice the inclusion of Bing Maps on CRM entities.

 The default functionality enables an end-user of the CRM record to see where the record is pinned on a map.


When clicked, this map will take you out of CRM to the online Bing Maps interface where some limited functions can be performed around finding directions and routes to different points.



But what if you want more from the map interface? What if you want to mine CRM data using a Map and create effective views of sales territories or events by location? 

Well now you can with the release of the MyCRM eMap for Dynamics, which takes data mapping to a whole new level.

eMap can enable an organisation to create many different map views from the master map and create many master maps with different functionality.


A range of functions have been built into eMap to allow data visualisation and data mining by performing a number of day to day CRM actions from the new interface

Views can be easily set up to show current appointments of customers that are part of a campaign allowing end-users to quickly navigate customer to customer creating activities from the map view.



By hovering over a pin you can easily access data information about the record and create activities. From the right-hand navigation a number of other functions are also available for easy data manipulation.


Multiple Maps  

The first option is the ability to load and view other maps, which may sound simple but the MyCRM eMap solution is the only available product for Dynamics CRM that can do this.  The solution will enable you to configure and create any number of maps with base views and layers.


By Default we include maps with the following configuration:- 

  • My Accounts and Contacts
  • My Appointments
  • My Open leads


View Type 

With the view type you can see the map either in road layout or aerial view, but in this release you also have the option to switch on heat maps which will show the hottest areas on the map where data is pinned. 


Quick Filter 

Searching on the map for certain data records is made easy with the quick filter option and enables an end user to quickly filter data on a map by entity name (usually the primary field).


Entity Distance Filter 

This great feature enables an end-user to quickly filter the records displayed on the map with a distance applied. For example: “show me all contacts that are within 10 miles of an account”.


Location Distance Filter 

Another great tool allowing end-users to show data within a distance of a certain location, so for example you could search for 20 miles outside of Seattle and all the data would be matched and displayed.


List creator 

This is one of the most powerful functions within mapping for CRM and enables data to be highlighted by drawing a box directly on the map. This highlighted data can then be used for a number of things including creating marketing lists. 



Once the selected data is displayed an end user can quickly create a marketing list, run a bulk workflow, create a quick campaign and bulk assign the data to a different user. 

eMap from MyCRM has been designed to enhance an end users adoption of visualising data within the CRM interface.  The great thing being about this toolset is that it is not a huge investment in software or hardware - it really is ready to plug play and go!


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