Microsoft releases industry templates for CRM 2013

Microsoft is making an attempt to differentiate its Dynamics CRM software from other competitors in the sector by including a new set of 18 specific industry templates as part of the software. 

These templates are designed to be used by companies in those industries, and include sports management, healthcare and even more specialist areas such as prison inmate data.

The customised templates were announced during Microsoft's Convergence 2013 EMEA event, held in Barcelona.

As well as the templates, Microsoft also publicised a new pricing offer which will bundle the Dynamics software with Office 365.  The offer will be available up until March 2014 according to the company’s announcement.

Microsoft also confirmed that Dynamics AX 2012 R3, the latest version of their ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite, would land in April, with customers also having the ability to run the software on Windows Azure. 

It won't be until the next AX update that Microsoft begins to integrate features solely based around pure SaaS, ie those that save on system resources and allow for multiple customers to be patched and updated at the same time.  Early adopter programs for the latter feature will probably begin sometime next year, with AX remaining available in its on-premises form.

Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2013 has now more or less been completely rolled out, with the popular apps for both tablet and smartphone now freely available to customers.  The reception to the CRM software has so far been very positive amongst those that have already implemented it. 

Source: TechWorld

This is also great news for independent vendors like MyCRM who can offer the same CRM templates with additional configuration and support.

Once readily available MyCRM will be hosting demo version of all the industry templates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.


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