Choosing the right CRM system, software and provider.

As part of my quest to find relevant news articles and blog posts on CRM I found this new article in Business News Daily.  The article poses some interesting points for those looking to invest in a new CRM system, particularly those that are thinking about investing in new software. 

The points below can be raised when considering many things for your business but consideration has to be given to cost, ROI (Return on Investment) and longevity of a solution. Also give thought to who is providing what, as although a hosting provider may offer software they might not offer consulting that is specific to your business sector or the manufacture of the software may provide it as a service but then there is no support of help with setup leaving in the hands of partner consulting organisation. So when considering the implementation of any software consider the whole picture not just the software element.

Below are a couple of points that should be considered:

Know your initial requirements

It is important that any company looking to invest in a new CRM knows exactly what they are hoping to gain from it. After all, the point of the investment is to benefit in specific ways.  Rather than focusing on the cosmetics of a system, it is best to ask in what specific ways it will benefit the firm.

Consider developing a scope document that key parties can refer to and work against so that all objectives are highlighted and achieved.

Make sure all key parties from your organisation are involved in the review process as ending up in the position where a new system is forced upon people will probably not improve productivity and acceptance.

Know where the data is being stored

With the explosion of “Cloud Software” and “Software as a Service” it is very easy to get confused with the jargon so if your organisation is going to be subscribing to an internet based service for your CRM software then ask the provider “Where is my Data?”

Any company that offers CRM software should be prepared to let their clients know where customer information is being stored.  As a general rule, software will store all relevant data on one server in a single none shared database but this might not be the case.  It is the client’s right to ask where that system is and what security processes are in place to keep it safe.

Does the software suit your business size?

As with nearly all services, CRM software will have an optimum business size with which it functions best.  It is therefore a good idea to check whether a particular software set will suit your own firm, as obtaining software built for a smaller firm will likely lead to another upgrade in a couple of years.

Also give consideration to not only the now but can the software evolve with your business make sure the solution can be easily updated configured and changed without expensive consultancy or development being sort, when simple field or page changes are needed.  The secret of a great CRM deployment is internal adoption, ownership and usability.

Check for integration

It is important that the relevant CRM software is compatible with any enterprise resource planning software that the company already uses.  Whilst full integration is not always required immediately, it is still worth knowing that it is possible further down the line.

Also if you don’t have an ERP system and some smaller business don’t look at how your finance system will reconcile if you’re billing directly from the CRM against your customer records.

Not Just Software.

CRM is more than just adopting some software it is a methodology of putting your customer at the centre of everything your organisation does so invest and spend time on the whole process to gain the best results.

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