Unique ways that CRM can aid a company

A new piece in the Box Free IT website has taken an in-depth look at the CRM industry. It has highlighted some of the key benefits that CRM can have with the emphasis firmly on providing genuine results.

The first point that is highlighted in the piece is that CRM data and software can help to introduce a genuine system to smaller businesses.  SMEs often lack an in-place system designed to help record and follow up on potential prospects, which means that some genuine leads often fall through the cracks, leading to a revenue loss.

Secondly, it highlights the value of putting into writing all of the steps of its sales process.  CRM software can enable a company to both initially define and then make changes to the system to see how results vary according to the process.  This solid definition can also increase the company's ability to train new staff and hold existing sales staff accountable.

Another software benefit is that CRM as it is can also help generate sales from already existing customers.  There are two ways that this can occur: firstly, the software indicates which customers have purchased the most and when certain customers are due to buy again.  This can greatly increase a sales team's strike rate when used effectively.

Finally, the piece cites the 'C' in ‘CRM’. That is, the fact that it can help any firm to provide a better service to already existing customers by building and tracking interactions between them and the firm.

Also consideration has to be given as to the cost of CRM and a lot of small business owners may well not realise that they can have a complete CRM with marketing capability and tracking for as little as £150 per month and MyCRM is one of the only solution provides that can still offer a single user system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and in the new year CRM 2013.

Smaller organisations may not have the need to implement a full scale CRM but usually want to solve a very simple problem and that is generation of more business.  By using the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with eCampaign along with understanding a few setup skills for social media like Facebook and twitter you can very quickly drive new customers and prospects towards your offerings.

If your organisation is looking to consolidate data and increase sales active then talk to us to see if our approach will help.

MyCRM aim to help deliver effective CRM. You can see what our current customers say here: http://www.mycrmgroup.com/customers.aspx, but more importantly we want your business to succeed with the use of a great software solution.


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Original Article for reference http://boxfreeit.com.au/2013/11/07/think-big-act-big-explore-the-future-of-work/