Convert CRM records to PDF and email attachment ePDF for CRM2013 RELEASED

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing versions of our product range for #CRM2013 and following on from our release of eMap last week!-EMAP-2013-RELEASED.aspx

We are now ready for the next solution:

Popular since CRM 4.0, our ePDF solution is now fully compatible with Microsoft CRM 2013. Below are a number of screen shots that walk through the process of quickly converting a record to a PDF attached to a CRM email.

For the purpose of this overview of the ePDF functionality we have used the quote record, but ePDF can be added to nearly all CRM entities that have a report, including custom entities.

First we open a quote record in CRM



Once the quote record is completed you can select the PDF functionality from the toolbar menu by droping down the list under the three dots ‘...'


 From here, select the ‘Create PDF Report’ option and the following screen will appear:



For the purpose  of this overview we show standard functionality, but It should noted that through configuration of Javascript the above window can be bypassed and a Report ID passed if you wish to have a single-click report to email PDF creation.

When the create email option is clicked, the record will be processed and converted to display a CRM email activity record which will have the PDF of the Quote report already attached.


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