Building efficiency in customer interactions

A new piece in 1 to 1 media has highlighted some of the key ways that CRM based customer interactions can be helped to be more efficient.  The points are worth further exploration:

Reduce the time between engagement and action

One of the keys to obtain real time CRM data is that it enables the company to act quickly in meeting the needs of customers.  This is important to adhere to.

Ensure customers are empowered

One of the keys to modern customer service is to ensure that the customers are engaged.  It is important for customers to always know exactly what they can do to take action.  The old call to action never stops being useful!

Reduce any complexity

Another key part in ensuring that customers have the ability to serve themselves is to make sure that the process is an easy one.  Any complexities should be ironed out so that the customer's own part of the sale is easy to put through.

Respond to changes more quickly

Most CRM processes will change – it is a key part of optimising them - however, it is important that any of these changes are adjusted to quickly.  The quicker this is done, the easier the integration will be for both the customer and the company to deal with.

Bridge the gap between systems of engagement and systems of record

One of the keys to the CRM process is that it enables a company to have both data and engagement processes documented using one piece of software.  Wherever possible, this should be taken advantage of, so that all of the relevant data can be used by sales staff.

Source: 1 to 1 media

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