How modern marketing relates to CRM

An interesting article in Forbes magazine has highlighted some intriguing new viewpoints about how the modern marketing world is adapting.  We thought it would be interesting to explore the viewpoints related to the CRM process:

Modern marketing represents engagement

The article voices the possibility that the modern method of genuinely engaging with customer using digital and social technologies is actually a far better way of doing things, as it keeps the customer happy directly.  The modern process puts the customer first; as such, it means that it is more likely to obtain positive results.

Online body language is key

Modern customers reveal a lot about themselves by their choice of online action: where they visit, which emails they open, what they download.  This 'digital body language' can be ideal in creating content that is of genuine use to customers and in providing them with what they actually want, effectively reducing the risk of spam.

Relationships must be built

Customer relationship management should heavily emphasise the 'relationship' factor.  The relationships between the customer and the company itself should be the main area of emphasis, with relevant, ongoing communication occurring between both parties.  This helps both the customer to find what they are looking for and the company to tailor its products or services.

Databases remain important

When deployed effectively, databases offer enough customer information to shape the whole relationship-building process. CRM software is one of the key ways in which the data can be used to best effect.

Source: Forbes

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