Using CRM software to measure offline marketing

An interesting new article in ClickZ has explored some of the key benefits that CRM software can bring to the more traditional forms of offline marketing.  As we normally focus on the web, we thought it would be interesting to share the ways that it can help when going old school.

Measure everything

The more you measure ROI for your different marketing channels, the easier it will be to achieve positive results.  Using CRM software to measure even things like leaflet delivery or attending trade shows enables a company to get the best ROI overall.

Individualise results

By using specific tracking links on flyers and promotional material given out at local events, it's possible to measure each channel individually.  This is ideal in enabling a company to get an accurate impression as to which forms of offline marketing work effectively.

Ask the customers

One of the important factors in measuring effective offline marketing results is to ask the customers exactly where they heard about the company.  Over time, this will enable a firm to measure whereabouts most of their custom is coming from.  In turn, this will mean that they're able to further invest in the most efficient channels and can discard the others.

It can compare percentages

When you send out marketing to the offline world, it's easy enough to be able to measure the amount of leads that come back.  However, it's virtually impossible to measure percentages.  CRM software can help a company compare how many flyers, etc, were sent out with how many leads they generated.  This can help gain insight into which channels are most effective in a percentage sense.

Source: Click Z

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