7 Things to remember when choosing CRM software

After trawling a number of CRM related articles I found this on the Business 2 Community and the article takes a look at some of the key things to consider when choosing CRM software.  Some of the points are well worth further investigation.


As a Service provider of Hosted CRM solutions using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, here at MyCRM we could not agree more as it is very important to understand what a CRM system means to your business and understand who or what you want to achieve from the system.  CRM software is a little different as it has many purposes and several key offerings.


Remember that the team has to use it


Surprisingly, some companies that purchase a CRM system do not enforce the fact that everyone has to use it.  It is important to ensure that everyone gets involved in the use of the system and it is therefore a good idea to let everyone try different software packages out.


More so keep the team in the loop when selecting the software and understand each departments needs as one system does not always fit all


Know what features you need.


There is no point going out and subscribing to an online CRM system or purchasing expensive software before you have analyzed what your business needs are, as buy or subscribing to a CRM system without any preparation will not automatically give you great CRM in your business, unlike system like Email if you subscribe then you get an email system in your business as it is a commodity product, CRM is not it is a methodology for your business.


Examine how it will improve efficiency.


At the end of the day a new system like CRM has to add some value, solve a problem you have or improve the way you work, so take a look at what you do currently and see if there is an easy way to improve by using automation in a CRM system.


Remember the mobile side of things


It is important to remember that mobile integration is essential for any company with employees who are frequently on the move.  Whenever a company is considering which CRM system to invest in, it is important to account for how it will cope with being used on the move.  Offline access and syncing is a vital part of this.


You don’t work in a vacuum.


With the growth of mobile working and the use of Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter business and your business is going social so the idea of working in a silo or vacuum has now disappeared.  



Consider hardware


As with any software, it is important to ensure that the company hardware will be compatible.  Some operating systems will work better with certain software and it is important that whichever package is purchased suits the hardware that the company already uses.


Also way up the cost of purchase verses an online service or managed service like MyCRM Hosted as this can reduce the cost of implementation and attain a faster ROI.


Consider the ROI


As with any investment a company makes, the aim of CRM software is to try to improve profits and to help to build relationships with customers.  Heading into any CRM software purchase, a firm has to have a plan that will enable it to use the software to increase sales and build these essential relationships.


Source:Business 2 Community


You can talk to MyCRM about these points and more and we are happy to advised and work with you to get the best out of you MyCRM System