Choosing a great CRM software system


A new article featured in Business 2 Community has covered some excellent beginner tips for making the right decision with regards to purchasing the right CRM system.  These are some of the standout points:

Actually knowing what you want 

Because modern CRM software is so versatile, different businesses will likely invest in it for different reasons.  As a result it is important for each business to know exactly what they are seeking to get out of investing in the CRM system.  A set of individual goals is probably the ideal way to manage this.

Does it promote user adoption?

It is always worth keeping in mind the fact that insights gained from CRM software are only going to be as useful as the data being put into it.  It is important therefore to find a system that is popular with the team themselves.  Any friction, whether it is due to the process, the people or the system itself, should be minimised.

Is mobility factored in?

For many modern businesses, mobility is a key factor in any CRM software.  It is therefore important to check whether it is included as part of the system you are looking at.  The ability to be viewed on the road is almost essential.

Understand the customisation

It is important to ensure that any CRM system can adjust to the needs of the individual company.  Every firm making use of this sort of software will have their own unique goals and needs. The system should be able to be adjusted so that it pulls in that direction.

But when it comes to your business as the owner or the senior manager you will understand what is best and what processes work and why.  Investing in or subscribing to a CRM service will not automatically give your business great Customer service, in fact if you are relying on just the software purchase to do this then it will probably have the opposite effect.

The reason for this is that CRM is a methodology that your whole organisation will need to adopt and the process that are defined to ne place the customer at the centre of your business from what can be described as “First Contact” to “full and Final Product or Service Support”

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