How to use CRM software to encourage growth

One of the questions I get asked regularly is will a CRM help my business grow, and done properly the answer would be yes every time. One of the key benefits of using effective CRM data is that it can help to increase growth in the company.  That's why we're going to take a look at a new piece on the web that's highlighted some of the key methods for helping to increase this growth.

This IS key to understand what you want out of your CRM and your business and this implemented correctly will drive growth is sales and repeat business.

Sales funnel analysis

Examining a sales funnel (i.e. the data that shows how many contacts are moving into each stage of the sales process) is an effective way to measure the company's health.  By effectively analysing CRM data, it's possible to use this information to diagnose the health of the company's sales process.  If the company is regularly losing custom at the quotes stage, for instance, then you'll know to explore this area more deeply and to make changes and improvements to the process.

Forecast the future

A bit of clairvoyance never hurt any business. Accurate data from the sales funnel can genuinely help a company estimate what the sales figures for the next quarter will look like.  By looking at how many leads wind up as genuine closes, it's easy to take the current set of leads and estimate sales during the next month or so.

Playing to strengths

Even the best teams have weaknesses.  Using CRM data effectively, can help to analyse where the key strengths are, and how to take advantage of them.  The data for instance, could show that one member of the sales team excels at converting leads into sales, but isn't so strong in getting the initial leads. This way, you can move them into their strength areas whilst still developing their other skills.

The good implementation of CRM is paramount, the exercise should not be seen as installing a software solution, more over it should be demonstrated across the business that customers are placed at the heart of everything your organisation does.

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