6 key points on getting customer service right

It is important to never forget that the C in CRM stands for customer.  As a result, it is important to ensure that a company maintains its emphasis on good customer service.  These are some of the key factors:

Happy customers are returning customers

It is important to ensure that the main aim of using CRM software is still to build positive, ongoing relationships with customers.  If they feel that a company really values them, then they will be far more likely to return to it.

Set and manage realistic expectations

Effective CRM strategy is implemented through providing both clients and customers with genuinely realistic expectations.  Once these have been set out, it is vital to follow through.  The one thing to avoid above all costs, of course, is disappointing customers.

Be ready to help, influence and be a connector

When meeting someone new or working with a  new customer be ready to help and be prepared to listen not just head into a sales pitch, don’t be all pitch and sell understand what the person or organisation needs.

Always document important information

It is worth a business taking time to keep track of any important information about a customer, such as whether they have any family, when their birthdays are, etc.  This helps to ensure that the relationship is more personal, with businesses then able to add that special touch to their service.

Respond quickly

It is important for a firm to respond to customer queries as soon as they realistically can.  The quicker the response, the more valued the customer will feel, which should be something that every firm aims for.  Even if the response to the query itself has to be delayed, a company should still be able to ask if there is anything else the customer would like to deal with in the meantime.

Source: Mashable

It is also very important to remember nobody in any sector or walk of life enjoys a hard sell or being sold to, so remember at a human level treat people like you would want to be treated, Never sell to people just give them an opportunity to buy.

CRM is so much more than just a software application it is the need to interact listen and deliver great service, the same service you would expect from any of your supplier as everyone is someone’s customer.

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