How to make the CRM process sustainable

5 Key Tips

After doing some more research I came across an interesting article on Destination CRM which highlights 5 key points about working in the customer service industry.  It is vital to try and ensure that relationships are sustainable as well as being of high quality.  These are some of the key ways in which to do so:

Assess current levels

It is important to take the time to analyse the standards of the current service levels and to try and improve on them.  One of the benefits of using CRM systems is that constant feedback from customers can be obtained and it should be used.  Whilst customer surveys should not be the sole tool used to assess the processes, it remains invaluable.

Assess the staff

It is important to take a good honest look at the employees who are responsible for the CRM process and to build up an accurate portrayal of their skills and weaknesses.  This can help any manager to delegate tasks to those members of staff that will be most effective in completing them.

Define and disseminate service standards

All companies that work with customers should have a firm "behaviour guide" in place to ensure that every member of staff is pulling in the same direction.  Service standards form a critical part of consistency in dealing with customers which is something customers expect.

Train consistently

In order to ensure that the customer service model is maintained and continues accurately, it is important to make sure that staff are training regularly and on an ongoing basis.  It is important to make sure that training is treated as a process rather than a one-off, so that staff are consistently developing their CRM skills.

Develop and implement a strategy.

Consider a "service certification" program with multiple certification levels to encourage continuous personal development. And do what works for your business, but motivation to create a great customer experience is key. Events, quizzes and bonus prizes can all have an effect to drive a strategy forward.

Source: Destination CRM

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