Mobile Dynamics CRM proves effective

Microsoft's own Dynamics CRM software has been proving very popular since it's upgrade earlier this year.  In particular, the mobile apps that came alongside the software have been making waves big enough to be featured in a new piece by Sci-tech Today.

The ability to create, update and delete CRM functions such as tasks, accounts, contacts and leads on opportunities has been applauded by many users of the software.  As well as this, the ability to attach images to records, to create and update notes and to make phone-calls all within the software has meant that the sales process has been streamlined for many of the companies currently using the software.

The mobile apps were released across the board, with iOS users requiring either the 6th or 7th iteration of the software to operate it.  For Windows customers, only 8 will do, although there are interestingly some features that are exclusive to the latter operating system.  The ability to map customer addresses, view their social activity feed or view data that's already been looked at can only be carried out on the windows handset.

Before the apps were released, Dynamics CRM could only be accessed through a browser, but the new iteration is far more customer friendly. 

Brad Shimmin, an analyst at Current Analysis, said that Microsoft was obviously trying to create "a more consistent experience across devices, even as they make their Windows Phone devices' experience a superior one."

Interestingly, outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer had already touted a One Microsoft vision focused on greater unity between devices and services.

Source: Sci-tech Today

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