Using your CRM data during the Christmas build-up

It is now December and as almost everyone knows the festive season is also one of the key sales periods for any retailer, whether they are online, on the high street or a combination of both.  A new piece has highlighted how CRM software can help any company improve their festive sales.

Analyse the customer data

If a CRM system has been in-place long enough, it is possible to analyse customer data and anticipate exactly what sort of purchases will be made during the festive period.  What will different customers buy and when will they buy?

Create unique messaging

Some companies will send out e-mails based solely around Christmas, i.e. 'here is our new range of Christmas products.' However, it is important not to forget that all customers are different.  They should, therefore, be sent different e-mails.  Christmas focused, yes, but still based around their likes and dislikes. 'Christmas bargains' should go to some people, and 'spoil yourself this Christmas' should go to another.  CRM data is the key in helping to segment customers and the data should not be wasted.

Send out useful information

CRM data will enable a company to send customers relevant information about services and products over Christmas.  If, for instance, a customer has bought a Christmas hamper every year for the last four years, it is reasonable to expect that they will do so again.  Knowing this enables the company to send them information on the different hampers available at the moment and where they can pick them up from.  This targeted festive marketing is one of the key benefits of using a CRM system.

Source: Clickz

Once the Christmas Holidays have passed you there are a number of things you should look at to help drive you business year on year

Here are a few points

1.Analyze your customer sales.

2.Segment your customers.

3.Create messaging for individual customers and/or pools of customers.

4.Nurture and educate them with relevant  information.

5.Send them an offer.

6.Watch sales roll in; track, test, evaluate and repeat.

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