How to empower your team to integrate with CRM software adoption

An interesting new piece I found on the Computer World blog has explored in more depth a vital factor in implementing a new CRM system: namely, the staff that will be using it.  It's always worth exploring the potential 'people factor' in terms of effectively using the software

Here are a number of topic areas that should be given consideration as part of the implementation plan as adoption of the system is key to success.

Convince the workforce of the value

Everyone who's worked with a CRM system knows how valuable the software can be.  However, it's still vital to ensure that everyone who is new to it is given examples and demonstrations that show how much easier their job will be once they start using the software. 

Ask them for feedback

In the early stages of using the system, always encourage your staff to be vocal in asking questions.  If they're certain about everything, they're far more likely to obtain great results.  Whether it's an enquiry about workflow or simply a question regarding how to actually use the software, always make sure questions are answered.

Provide a positive vision for the system

It's important to provide the sales staff with a positive vision for the future.  Emphasise the ways in which the system will both reduce workloads and increase sales.

Effectively manage the change process

Effective change management is a skill in itself, and one that's vital when implementing any new software.  Once the staff know how valuable CRM software can be and how much it will help them, they can then begin the transition.  Ensure, though, that you stick rigidly to the three-stage process of preparing for the change, implementing it and then reinforcing the change once it's in place.

Source: Computer World

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