CRM and the sales team

A new article in the Business News Daily has taken an interesting new approach to the CRM process by asking exactly how the Wizard of Oz can teach companies about the CRM process.  There are actually some interesting lessons within the piece:


Sales teams should concentrate on closing


It's important to remember that any CRM software should be used to help compliment the work that the sales staff are carrying out, and shouldn't mean that they spend all of their time simply adding information to a database: as the article states, they're not data entry clerks!  It's important that the CRM software makes the sales process simpler.


Optimise the solution around the sales team


Again, this is a matter of ensuring that the sales team's abilities are complimented by the CRM software being used.  Skilled sales people are capable of seeing opportunities and making the most of them.  The CRM software being used should enable them to thrive in making the most of their already existing skills.  It's important that it doesn't slow them down.


Value the opinion of the sales team


It's vital to always allow members of a team to contribute positively to the process in which they're involved.  In this sense, it's vital that the sales team are able to work with management in order to improve the processes that the CRM software is linked with.  They should be allowed to use their expert knowledge to help the management ensure that the software is working to the very highest levels of potential.


Source: Business News Daily


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