How to Improve the CRM Process

Once the CRM software has been invested in, it is important to ensure that you make the most of it.  That is why it is worth having a further look at a new piece in Mashable, which is focused on some key ways to improve the process:

Foster word of mouth

Even in the digital age, word of mouth remains invaluable in helping to increase sales.  The more customers talk about a company, the better!  Building a good online profile and obtaining a high level of trust with customers is the ideal way to help develop the profile enough for people to start passing on recommendations and a good CRM software system can help with this.

Remember in a digital social world, a like or a tweet can have the same amount of response as human interaction and digital word of mouth should be part of your CRM strategy.

Value feedback

Asking for feedback on the web can be a brave step to take but it is a good idea.  Whilst customers will usually be brutally honest with everything they are unhappy about, they will rarely actually troll in the conventional sense.  Use feedback and combine it with relevant CRM data to improve the process.

Also work with your customers and ask for references for your products and services, if they are unhappy they will soon tell you or not want to respond to the request.

Always be honest

One of the most important ways to handle the CRM process is to make honesty the key policy.  The key is to build up positive, trusting relationships with customers and honesty remains the best way to do this. Always take a personal approach to communications, especially if the company is smaller.

Keep track of all the data

As with all CRM software, data is invaluable in ensuring that relationships increase and sales grow as a result of the data.  Ensure that data is kept accurate.

Source: Mashable

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