SMEs praise the benefits of cloud CRM and Online Services

A new article in Biz Community has highlighted some of the value that can be found by using CRM software within a cloud based environment. 

With nearly 60 SMEs citing cloud has a key benefit, the indication is obviously that the scalability of this software represents a key benefit for many people, alongside the potential to constantly upgrade and improve the software as functionality improves.

The independent survey, which spoke to over 500 different SMEs, showed that one of the biggest attractions for cloud-based CRMs was the ability to avoid incurring high initial costs such as IT staff and additional infrastructure just to get the process going.  Cloud based CRM, for its part, is far more likely to offer better return on investment, especially during those early days.  Indeed, at a time where businesses of all sizes are trying to cut down their expenses, 58% of them considered this the key benefit of the cloud.

Flexibility within cloud-based CRM was also cited as one of the main perks, with 40% of the businesses lauding it.  These companies noted how easy it was to upgrade the software when it was utilised on the cloud, and in turn enabling the firms to keep pace with the latest features without having to constantly re-invest and risk hurting their ROI.

Other benefits noted by the companies included the reduced maintenance and staff costs that naturally occur as part of the cloud, the increased access to multiple functions and integration between departments and the ability to tap into the powerful processing abilities of a third party server.

With online a cloud based system providers like MyCRM can help a business achieve goals and marketing capability quickly and easily with simple setup and training.  The need for long winded projects and the purchase of software is now evaporating and as more services come online business in the SME sector will only benefit further.

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Article Source: Biz Community