When is the right time to invest in a CRM STRATEGY?

A new piece in the Business 2 Community website has explored a number of factors in terms of the right time to invest in a new CRM system. Some of the points are worth looking at further:

Once a certain level of customers has been built up

CRM is purpose built to assist your sales team in serving clients and customers in the best way. Essentially, it is therefore worth investing in the system as soon as you have enough customers. The likelihood is that the software will actually help you maintain their custom and grow with the needs of different organisation you work with.  Once you have a CRM system in place you can easily import data that you might have purchased and start marketing to those organisations and contacts to drive interest and sales.

If you're starting to lose customers

A customer base that starts to shrink is a serious problem for any company. So what, exactly is the cause of it? CRM software can be a very effective way to help a firm work out why customers have left: because it analyses every step of the sales process, and trends can be seen in the data and problems identified.

With a system like Microsoft Dynamics from MyCRM you will be able to track key areas like Sales, Marketing and Support and if you have unhappy customers then you will soon be able to track those interactions.

If communication is a problem

Effective communication remains a key part of the sales process, and if the team isn't able to effectively and easily share information relevant to the sales process, then this will likely cause some problems. CRM software will enable a firm to store all useful data in one place. Collaboration is key to success and the last thing you want is individual sales people becoming silos and not sharing opportunity and success.

When the business is uncertain

If you're unsure where you're going, then a CRM system is a seriously worthwhile investment. By analysing the data it becomes possible to analyse it all and to forecast future patterns. As a result, the company can be better prepared for the future.

Moving up from Start-up

As your young business starts to grow and expand this is the key time to introduce affective tracking and monitoring systems Like CRM.  Key areas will be Marketing, Sales and Support, and at a glance you will need to understand what is happening in your business. Have the knowledge to understand customer interaction feedback and sales will help you to plan and realise growth. A CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM from MyCRM with eCampaign ePDF and eMap can help deliver these systems to your business.  Your organisation will then be able to see customers by region and understand what type of business and products are being sold to what type of customer in what areas and by who.

Post-recession when growth returns.

The past few years have been difficult for a number of business sectors but as we emerge from the global slowdown and the banking and financial readjustment, growth will return.  This is now a great time and opportunity to review your businesses Sales and Marketing strategy.  The global uplift over the next two years will cause business growth and market leads will emerge, those organisation that streamline and deliver customer excellence will lead the growth and upturn from the front.

Working with MyCRM

MyCRM has over 20 years’ experience in understanding how CRM as a technology and CRM as a process can work in business and has therefore developed a number of off-the-shelf extensions to enhance CRM productivity.

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Article Source: Business 2 Community

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