Combining social media and CRM

I recently posted an article on socializing your business with CRM and what CRM could be defined as in this post from Hospitality Technology the author highlights some key points to be considered.

Customer relationship management remains one of the most valuable modern marketing tools, and utilising social data plays a key part in its success. This new article has highlighted some of the ways that social strategy can be improved or deployed effectively.

Have a real strategy

It's important for social promotion to have some sort of brand message, as well as an end-goal. For some companies, this could be to drive sales, for others it’s increasing the general reputation of the brand.

Find the Correct Vendor

Most solutions by default will be an 80% fit for your business but some organisations that provide systems will have a tailored or vertical solution which may be a perfect fit, but this should be evaluated as some templates or vertical solutions can be over time become restrictive to businesses, that change dynamically.

Ensure responsibility

CRM software can be brilliantly effective, but it's important to ensure that it's managed well. All businesses using CRM should ensure that they have at least one person who is responsible for managing the social media information flow. When one person is responsible for this, it's easier to ensure that the data is being managed effectively.

Engage as much as possible

It's vital to ensure that engagement in social tragedy is constantly built up. Indeed, for many companies social strategy is entirely based around trying to increase engagement with customers. CRM platforms are perfectly designed in order to aid this, so there's no excuse to not focus on it.

Respond quickly

One of the brilliant things about social and CRM is that it enables sales teams to respond to enquiries as quickly as they can through social channels. It’s important that the team does so.

Use the tools effectively

In the end, the emphasis should be on ensuring that the CRM software combines perfectly with social media data to increase sales and brand awareness.

What Tools Exist

A number of tools exist for social CRM but make sure your definition of what your organisation wants to achieve is well defined as if you linkup lots of data sources you may very quickly end up with a Database that is not that useful.

Source: Hospitality Technology

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