Managing the CRM process in your business

I recently came across an interesting new article in Forbes has explored some important points regarding the buyers journey, a number of which can be linked to the CRM software process.

Use the software tactfully

CRM software can be genuinely invaluable. However, it's important to ensure that it is presented to the sales staff in a way that isn't too threatening. Rather than presenting it as some sort of all seeing eye, it should be presented as exactly what it is: software that can make the lives of sales staff far easier.

Buyers can channel-surf

It is important to remember that in the digital age, buyers use the web at every single stage of the process. Previously, it was normal to estimate where they were in the sales process simply by viewing their engagement with different channels. Now, though, individual channel preferences for different buyer personas are vital in gauging the sales process.

Good sales staff will already know what they're doing

It is also important to remember that by their nature, good sales staff are already very intuitive, so the chances are that they'll know how invaluable the CRM software could be to them. Work with the outstanding members of the team to try and help implement the new process and share the exciting potential of the software.

Plan, plan, plan

As with all new integrations, it is important to plan everything out and to never be afraid of altering the sales and marketing process if new CRM data suggests that a change might be necessary.

Source: Forbes

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