Top CRM buyer trends in 2013 by Software Advice

An interesting set of research results has been highlighted by Software Advice an organisation that typically helps buys of software pick the right solutions

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The research was conducted with 5,279 software buyers between January and August this year and uncovers the top deployment model, features and motivation for evaluating new technology. Here are some of the key findings: 

· Of companies who indicated a deployment model preference, 96 percent requested a cloud-based solution

· Seventy five percent of integrated suite buyers requested sales force automation

· Seventy six percent of best-of-breed buyers requested sales force automation

· Nearly 90 percent of buyers requested contact management, note-taking capabilities and/or reporting and analytics

As we move into 2014 and 2015 the software industry will continue to change and those vendors that are ready with download one use apps will likely prosper along with the solution providers that offer easy access to functionality for download or from within the cloud as a servers also known as Software As A Service.

The research goes on to show the views of CRM buyers, and below the commentary from leading analyst Paul Greenberg discusses the points raised.

Implications for CRM Vendors 

In discussing our results with leading CRM industry analyst Paul Greenberg, we discovered a few implications of this report for software vendors. For one, CRM vendors need to ensure they focus on their products' reporting and analytics features -- companies increasingly expect these features to deliver real-time insights that enable them to personalize the customer experience and not just report on productivity. Additionally, vendors need to make social an integral part of their product; both in reporting capabilities as well as in the information included in contact profiles.

In addition to Greenberg’s insights, our analysts see another implication for software vendors in this data. While 91 percent of buyers were interested in a standalone, best-of-breed solution, 25 percent still asked for integration with other critical systems. Vendors need to invest in making solutions capable of integrating with a variety of business programs, including those within the CRM industry, as well as other critical enterprise systems.

Analyst Commentary 

“In its early days, CRM systems were really good at creating operational efficiencies,” said Paul Greenberg, president of The 56 Group, LLC. “They still do this today, but now it's also about how effective they can make each interaction in terms of actually growing revenue - not just cutting costs.” 

“CRM vendors should focus on adding or improving capabilities that will increase the efficiency of CRM’s bread and butter, sales force automation,” said Ashley Verrill, CRM analyst at Software Advice. “While many buyers are still looking for standalone functionality, there is a significant demand for CRM that works with social and other forms of data to streamline customer service efforts and take action when it matters most.”


The data presented in this research was obtained through Software Advice’s interactions with 5,279 CRM software buyers between January and August 2013. In these conversations, buyers were asked which functionalities, integrations and applications were crucial in their new system, as well as which deployment model would work best for their organization. Of the buyers included in the sample, 68 percent were currently using non industry-specific software or manual methods to manage customer relationships.

About Software Advice

Software Advice is a trusted resource for software buyers. The company's website,, provides detailed reviews, comparisons and research to help organizations choose the right software. Meanwhile, the company’s team of software analysts provide free telephone consultations to help each software buyer identify systems that best fit their needs. In the process, Software Advice connects software buyers and sellers, generating high-quality opportunities for software vendors. Since its founding in 2005, the company has assisted more than 150,000 software buyers. Software Advice is headquartered in Austin, Texas where it employs a team of ~80 (and growing). It has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine.

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