5 Steps to migrate to new CRM software

If you've made the decision to move to a new and more productive CRM system, then it's important to be able to justify the migration. A new piece in the Business 2 community website has highlighted some of the ways in which this can be justified.

Through research

Anyone who's made use of CRM software before knows how vital it is for the software to be fully compatible with the needs of the team. If you're able to highlight some of the ways that the new CRM system will blend in with company processes, then you're halfway towards selling it.

Discuss the idea with everyone

It's important to discuss every aspect of the CRM process with the sales team. Try and glean from them information regarding how they would improve the tools that they're currently using, and what suggestions they might have in terms of software used in the future. Being able to combine relevant software with the needs that the team have specified is a strong factor in making changes.

Analyse the opportunity costs

When choosing between different CRM software, it's vital to ensure that the one you go with offers the best opportunity for improving sales. One of the keys to this is making sure that it offers the latest in mobile compatibility, and includes aspects such as phone integration and report generation. The better results the CRM software can produce, the more favourably it will be looked on as a good investment. Any data evidence to support this can only help the case.

Rally the team involved.

Once you’ve done the research and chosen a solution to propose, speak to others about switching CRMs and get them onboard, too. Start with your team and branch out to others in the company – tell them why they should want to switch, too. If management hears the suggestion that it’s time to switch to a new platform from multiple sources, it will be an easier message to digest.

Get management buy-in.

You made it to the final step. Congratulations! You’ve done your research, analyzed costs and gathered support from around your business. Now, write it all down and present your findings to management. Tell your boss why switching CRMs matters to you, your team, other teams, and last but not least – them.

Source: Business 2 Community


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