Measuring CRM effectiveness and ROI

One of the biggest investments your business can make is software and hardware, so it is critical that the decisions made are not on a whim but made with the correct information to hand.

As an investment, there's no doubting the fact that CRM software can represent excellent value for money. However, being able to measure exactly how effective it's being is a key part of working out exactly how valuable it's being. That's why a new piece on Investment News is worth looking at: it details some of the key attributes to look at in order to work out CRM software's ROI.


How pro-active is the software in terms of actually creating engagement with customers. Yes, it sends out e-mails, but does it receive them back? How many people have engaged with the brand that otherwise wouldn't have if the CRM software was not in place.

Key things to consider is the configuration of the system and how metrics can be gathered and used for business purposes.  As an example CRM with email marketing from MyCRM has an average cost of £50 per user per month and enables an organisation to send unlimited emails and track responses.  If those responses are not then used for sales and further engagement where is the ROI?  Well it might be an ROI in driving more traffic to your web sites, but predominantly real ROI in anything is dictated by the number of returning sales and profit generated.

Percentage of clients

The chances are that before the CRM software was installed, your firm already had a number of clients in place. The key, then, is to work out how many of the clients you now have were brought in through the software. Are there clients there that probably wouldn't have bought a product or service had it not been for the software?

But as you wil know the software is just the enabler so the strategy for your CRM is how you can drive more business and record and react on the information you have.  Many organisation will start small and define a single process.  Some define the whole business, either way at MyCRM we can help you work towards a goal of successful customer management and sales generation.

Client turnover

This is another key factor. Removing client turnover full stop is virtually impossible for any business. However, it should be possible to measure whether or not this figure has gone up or down since the software was installed. Remember, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management: the software is there to help you improve the ways that you engage with your clients. It's important for statistics to bear out the fact that it's doing that.

Source: Investment News

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