CRM in 2014 the right choice for your business

Recently seeing this article on Customer Think Customer Think it gave me the opportunity to pen some thoughts about using CRM in your business in a growing economy.  As the world recovers from what was the worst financial correction in our recent history one thing that is for sure is that small and young businesses, and some of those that are established will be look for efficiency to help create growth.  Delivered and implemented correctly a software solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 which enables growth and efficiently can help drive your organisations CRM Strategy.

It's important to try and stay ahead of any industry in order to obtain success. That's why we thought it would be interesting to take a look at a new article, which has made a few predictions regarding CRM trends in 2014. These are some of the keys:

Linking configuration, pricing and quoting

More and more companies have invested in the ability to link the configure, price and quote process, and it's considered likely that this will continue during 2014, with the aim being to be able to automate more tasks that would otherwise be manual.


It's possible that businesses in 2014 may also choose to continue to adopt self-service community portals. These can not only lower service costs overall, but can also draw in users by adding reward systems or gamification features.

Field force management

It's also considered possible that more CRM-driven field force tools will be used in order to make sure that the service force efficiency is being maximised. This should lead to a number of positive measures including the improvement of scheduling efficiency, automated inventory review and the increase of lead generation.

Mobility becomes even more important

There's no denying that - as is the case with many different industries, mobility will become more important in the CRM sector. Compatibility with smartphones means that sales staff can access everything they need whilst on the road. This can have a hugely positive impact on sales figures when the devices are used in the right way.

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