CRM and Building a Business Sector Community

It's important to always try and stay on top of trends within CRM, as this is one of the key parts of obtaining success. Interestingly, many people believe that community will play a key part in the industry during 2014.

Building an online community has long been considered a key part of general online success, and it's hard to imagine that it won't therefore impact CRM software in some way. It's likely that customer interaction through the community will become a key part of generating sales general.

If run effectively, for instance, communities can provide a lot of relevant information to companies regarding the general viewpoints of customers, how they view certain products and ranges, where they'd like to see improvements, etc.

It's therefore entirely possible that community will receive an enhanced budget from many companies during the upcoming year.  The potential for community data to be integrated with CRM software is obviously limitless. CRM software relies on genuine data from customers on likes and dislikes, when they're most likely to purchase, what area of the business they're interested in, as well as a number of other factors. Community offers a chance to obtain such areas of relevant data, whilst helping to generally build on the company's online reputation.

If managed effectively and given the opportunity to thrive, online communities could be the ideal way for a firm to push their sales onto the next level whilst improving their own reputation and keeping customers happier: in this sense, it's almost the ideal addition to the CRM process.

Source: CRM Buyer

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