4 Potential CRM trends in 2014 to help your business get ahead

A great new article today from Business 2 Community which highlights some customer service trends.  One of the key parts of remaining successful in the CRM data world is to ensure that you stay on top of the latest trends.  Fortunately, a new piece in Business 2 Community has taken a look at some of the key trends that are likely to emerge in 2014:
Below are 4 keys things your business may embrace over the next year.
Social customer service comes into its own
Because so many business are now using social media for CRM purposes (as they should be) the focus will now shift onto who's actually doing it well. Integrating the social side of things with all other customer service channels should now become a key factor.
Big data steps in
Big data has become a reasonably big deal in the last couple of years, and it's expected that the trend will continue within the next year. One of the key parts of marketing success is going to be the ability to actually leverage that information in order to provide a more beneficial experience for the individual customer.
People are still the key
No matter how much the customer service side of CRM becomes based around the various web technologies now in operation, it's important to remember that in the end, it is all about the individual person. Technology should mean that firms are able to take a more personal approach, even when dealing with a large amount of customer service claims.  The ability to treat every single web customer as special will likely set companies apart from the competition over the next couple of years or so.
The Sky’s the limit with Clouds
The paradigm for business I.T is shifting and the trust in hosted and managed service from small to medium enterprise is growing.  This is mainly down to cost effective services being offered and the need for flexibility and access to data. In Gartner’s 2013 CRM Applications Report, software-as-a-service offerings accounted for almost 40% of total software revenues from CRM spend in 2012 and it’s only going to grow further as business activity should not be about IT and making your systems work it should be about making sales and supporting customers in your direct sector.
Source: Business 2 Community
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