CRM in 2014 is looking good for SME’s

With the New Year upon us and economic growth seeing real green shoots, it comes with good news for small and midsize companies who use CRM. The CRM trends for 2014 will be concentrating on what SME’s have asked for from their CRM, and what customers want to see from companies who use CRM. 
What SME’s are looking for in CRM solutions?
At small and midsize companies, marketing automation and sales force automation are fast becoming trends in IT department purchases. Recent studies show that there is a substantial move towards pricing-as-a-service (PaaS), and it is thought that we will be seeing a lot more growth in this area in 2014.
The consulting company Software Advice examined its exchanges with IT decision makers over the course of 2013. They found that 91% of buyers wanted a best-of-breed solution as opposed to combined or multiple products. This result follows a trend that is echoed in both business and customer technology – if it is simple, efficient, and powerful, it will likely be a success. 
The key statement as spending is always restrained in early post downturn days is “Value For Money” for the past year MyCRM have been offering a number of key SME solutions that include Email marketing and CRM from Microsoft Dynamics for as little as £50 per user.  Business owners have reported back to say they agree that a fixed cost service is always best and helps plan expenditure.
For the customers
Knowing what your customers want from you is something that every company should keep on top of. A CRM solution that is compatible with your company should be focused on assisting marketing, sales and development teams to meet the expectations of your customers, and giving them a helpful and positive impression of your company. 
Customers want value for their money, accessibility and above all, a positive experience. As long as you give your customers a positive experience, you will be off to a great start.
And here at MyCRM we believe that CRM is not just part of our name but our ethos to deliver great services to all customers
About Software Advice
Software Advice is a trusted resource for software buyers. The company's website,, provides detailed reviews, comparisons and research to help organizations choose the right software. Meanwhile, the company’s team of software analysts provide free telephone consultations to help each software buyer identify systems that best fit their needs. In the process, Software Advice connects software buyers and sellers, generating high-quality opportunities for software vendors. Since its founding in 2005, the company has assisted more than 150,000 software buyers. Software Advice is headquartered in Austin, Texas where it employs a team of ~80 (and growing). It has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine. 
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About MyCRM 
MyCRM has over 20 years’ experience in helping small to medium sized businesses understand and implement CRM as a technology and CRM as a process.  We can help drive adoption and ROI in businesses and organisations that are implementing a marketing solution through a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics.  You can read our customer testimonials here
MyCRM don’t only provide a managed service but also off a range of product solutions which are off-the-shelf extensions to enhance CRM productivity, along with dedicated support packages to meet business requirements.
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